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XXI century – the century of high technologies. Over the past decade in the consciousness is firmly fixed to the line "high technology is digital technology." They still call IT. Indeed, one of the most science-intensive fields of science is an IT industry. Every year the world starts a lot of startups in one way or another related to computers and computerization in General.

Any project in the field of computer technology implies some attachments with the receipt of subsequent profits. Modern history knows many examples of how to developing IT-company, investment was made and in a few years all the money invested not only paid off, but also brought considerable profit to the investor. The characteristic difference between the market of high technologies from other industries is that with minimum investment it is possible to obtain a large profit.

For any project, search investment is essential. Without financial injections any business is doomed to failure. Today, there are many ways to obtain Finance for project development in the field of IT. One of these options is to attract investment from investment companies.

Investment companies are companies that carry out collective investment with the aim of developing small business and get profits for it in the future. This company is a "OnlyUp LTD INVESTMENT PROJECTS". The profile of the company is investing in emerging companies in the field of IT-technologies. The founders of the company supports young talents, who are ready to say their word in business is digital innovation.

In a short period of time, the company "OnlyUp LTD INVESTMENT PROJECTS" financed many business projects and start-UPS on the Russian market and abroad. The company's success is the success of hundreds of young entrepreneurs, software developers, who boldly declared their ambitious projects. Our investors receive significant dividends from small business owners who have contacted us on the issue of attracting investments. We are trusted by customers and partners from around the world. The confidence confirmed the company's good name, which by law can be a symbol of reliability at the start of the entrepreneurship in the IT sector. The company is registered in England, under the European legislation. The main office is also located in England. Our formula for success is confidence and reliability for young entrepreneurs.

Basis "OnlyUp LTD INVESTMENT PROJECTS" is a team of specialists in the field of digital technologies and in the sphere of economy, Finance, and marketing. Success, the result was that we were able to unite these people and to direct their efforts towards promotion of small business in the field of innovative computer technologies. Therefore, "OnlyUp LTD INVESTMENT PROJECTS" is the success of young entrepreneurs and profit for investors.

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